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For any questions or orders regarding my instruments, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
In order to confirm your order, a deposit of 450 euros will be required.

Unless previously agreed, instruments are delivered after receipt of full payment. 

    My guarantees

- You receive a professional quality instrument, meeting the highest requirements in terms of acoustic qualities, playing comfort and intonation to which I aspire on my personal instruments. The oboes come with a working reed and a bocal of my making.

- You benefit from a free overhaul service within 2 years following the purchase of any new instrument, including possible re-reaming of the bore, maintenance oiling, and minor adjustments to the tuning.
 Also during these first two years, the different joints of the oboe are guaranteed against possible splits or excessive deformation. The keywork - keys, axes and springs - is guaranteed for life.

- I offer you one hour of personalized assistance within 3 months following delivery of your instrument, to optimize the settings together, depending on your reeds, the chosen staple and your playing habits. This hour can also take the form of a lesson, if you wish.

I share with you the concerns of the demanding profession of oboist, and I will be able to meet your technical and artistic expectations, by offering you a personalized, tailor-made service, whatever your level or ambition. 



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Mathieu Loux
Historical Oboes
Strasbourg, France

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