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During my 20 years of musical career, I have learned to put my experience as a professional musician to the service of historical oboe making. 
I am happy today to offer you instruments with high added value which have been patiently developed and perfected to meet the requirements of the repertoire and the profession of musician. This, while remaining faithful to the spirit and beauty of the original instruments.

Baroque Oboe after T. Stanesby Sr. 
Pitch A=415
Brass keys, stained or natural boxwood.
Price: 1850 euros


These instruments are proposed with a two-part tube system: the bocal that I make, and the reed mounted on a Chiarugi tube AC153 nr. 3 of 27 mm sold separately.
A one-piece tube can also be used, in this case I recommend the AB model of 55mm long, under the reference Chiarugi AB55.

Nice review of one of my oboes, by Curtis Foster

Classical Oboe, 2 keys, after an original instrument from the viennese maker Mathias Rockobaur (1706-1775).
Pitch A=430 (original pitch A=436-438)
Price: 1850 euros
With additional octave key and low C#: 2200 euros

The original instrument has a single 4th hole, which I changed to a double hole. Single hole on request only.

Oboe d'amore after J.H. Eichentopf (collection of the MIM of Brussels)
Pitch A=415 
Price: 2000 euros
Picture coming soon


Mathieu Loux
Historical Oboes
Strasbourg, France

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