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Since the year 2007, I have developed two models of oboe based on original instruments. I have settled my workshop in Strasbourg, France.

Baroque Oboe after T. Stanesby Sr.
pitch A=415
Brass keys, stained or natural boxwood.
Price: 1850 euro.


Sound sample by myself.

Review on my baroque oboe by Curtis Foster 

Classical Oboe
after M. Rockobaur
pitch A=430 (original pitch A=436-438)
Price: 1850 euro
With additional octave key and low C#
2150 euros


A single 4th hole is on the original instrument. I have changed it for a double hole. Single hole on request only.

Live videos in my workshop, with oboist Christopher Palameta

Mathieu Loux
Historical Oboes
Strasbourg, France

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